How Will You Spend Your Golden Years?

senior man and woman hugging outside

The truth is that we are getting older. We may not like it, we may doing everything to prevent it, but it is happening. The things we are doing now health wise will effect our golden years. Now is the time to resolve to get healthy. We can do this by losing weight, quitting smoking, and by eating for health and not habit.

Yes it may seems difficult, but what is more difficult is getting sick knowing that by the choices we made concerning our health, our golden years will not be so golden. Every change we make now can dramatically impact the future of our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. Resolve to get healthy once and for all.

At RESPeRATE we put out many articles per week showing you ways to improve your health. Join our “Health Crusade” to make a healthy year for all involved. Bring your family and friends with you and do it together!

Seeing as the choices we make early in life can affect our golden years. Now is the time to be healthy. Join the journey.

Below is a link with many heart healthy recipes for you to try. Lets feed our body food that fuels health and not sickness.

We collected dozens of great heart healthy recipes for you – Here they are…

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